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OLOGO is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Order information
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Upon your visit to this web site, you were automatically
assigned a shopping cart to hold each of your selections.

To view your individual shopping cart at any time, click
on any given order pages' button:
To order either service(s) or product(s): 1. First, select one of the Order options listed; 2. For a spefific option, enter the data requested; 3. Click on the gray 'Add to Cart' button for that item. 4. This will result in the display of your shopping cart, including the most recent selection. It permits you to double-check your item entries, at the time of choice. To correct an entry on the Shopping Cart Contents page: 1. Click your browser's 'Back' button to the order form; 2. Correct the data entered on that item's own web page; 3. Click on the 'Add to Cart' button, which will present and add an updated version to the shopping cart; 4. Then, delete the incorrect item from your cart. To delete an item from the cart before checking out: 1. Use your browser's 'Back' or 'Forward' button to go the Shopping Cart Contents page; 2. Locate the item to remove from your selections; 3. Click on its 'Delete' button, which automatically removes the item and recalculates a new subtotal. To resume shopping while viewing Shopping Cart Contents: Click on the 'Continue Shopping' button, which will take you back to the last order form. Links to other order options are found there at the page tops and bottoms. If your browser is set to accept cookies: You are able to return to the loaded cart later; that is, until the cookie expires or is deleted. Upon your return, if the cart is empty, another has been set aside for you. To complete the order and check out: After adding your order items to the cart, choose the one appropriate state sales tax option from the dropdown box. Select your choices for both shipment (if applicable) and payment. Click the 'Purchase' button. Fill in the areas for your name and addresses. Click the 'Enter' button. If paying by Secure Online Credit Card Transaction: You will be transferred to a 128-bit encrypted & enabled secure server (where your browser's padlock icon must be in the closed position). Next, you may securely enter your personal credit card information for the order. The program will check the entries. If not ok, it will prompt you for correct entries; if ok, it will display a message that the order was successful. Last, both you and Artsho are immediately notified by email of your placed order. If paying by Cashier Check or Money Order: A typed order form will be made for you to print for a receipt and to include when sending with payment by mail.
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