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OLOGO is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

To order labeling of digital images
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Prior to ordering, contact us to cross check our
schedule for the next available project date. If
that response is suitable to your plans, proceed.

Inside the following form, we have made provision for:
a. the total quantity of digital images for labeling
b. the line of text as it is to appear on the image
   (for a broken line, then also fill in line #1b)
c. style of lettering  (bold, normal, italicized)
d. format, if one is listed, for the image label
e. justification (to the left, center or right)
f. location of the label line on the image(s)
g. the screen height for the image in inches
h. the screen height of the label in inches
i. the means of sending the images to us
j. your clarifying personal comments.

Unless stated otherwise, white labeling will
be used on dark images; black for light ones.

Aid to clarify the label line Location options Points to top of image
Up no. 1
1 no. 2
2 no. 3
3 no. 4
4 no. 5
5 no. 6
6 no. 7
7 no. 8
8 Points to top of image

 Label image(s)   Price = $ 9 per label per image   Quantity   Label line: #1a      (If broken) #1b      Style   Format   Justified   Location   Image height  = inches when viewed on screen     Label height  = inches when viewed on screen     Sending by   Order comment    

Given there is a valid service which you desire but have been unable to find online: contact us

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