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OLOGO is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

To order a line art logo
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Prior to ordering, contact us to cross check our
schedule for the next available project date. If
that response is suitable to your plans, proceed.

Within the form, located below, are line items to aid
in clarifying the parameters of the project. Complete
only those lines which are applicable to your project.

The maximum size we draw = 6.5" x 9". You may provide
the finished size, and given it is larger than 6.5" x
9", we will calculate the drawing reduction ratio for
you, if you wish. Upon receipt, your local office or
art supply house can enlarge to the preferred scale.

Each logo order includes one change revision, valid
within the first 30 day period after order shipment.
Within the following form, order entries may include:
a. favored letter order, if logo is based on initials
b. logo size, in inches, based on width then height
c. desired line thickness (narrow, normal, thick)
d. colors of the line and paper background
e. address, if it is for internet use 
f. clarifying order comment.

 Line art logo   Price = $ 160 each   Letter order      Logo size      Thickness   Colors      Internet address      Order comment    

Given there is a valid service which you desire but have been unable to find online: contact us

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