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OLOGO is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Post 1 Page
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Have your one page message displayed on this site.

Several topics from which you may choose include:
Tell your favorite geek how special they are.
Ask your best friend that pressing question.
Propose to your avid internet surfer.
Extend a special birthday wish.
Praise a job well done.
Express thanks.

Please place your order:
a. from within the actual chosen site 
b. no sooner than one month before and
c. no later than five full business days
   before the date the page is to go live.

We will not place our banner ads on the page.

To place your order below, include the following:
a. the number of weeks to display the one page
b. the first date the page is to be online
c. the page heading
d. the message
e. the summary
f. a closing.

 Post 1 Page online.   Price = $21 per week   Week(s)   Online date      Page heading      The message      The summary      Page closing    

Upon our uploading, we will email you for your own verification of the page.

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