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OLOGO is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Have us test your email address(es)
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

We will help you test your email address(es) to verify
that your company or personal email message(s) are not
being: redirected, deleted, filtered and/or corrupted.

These are the items we will need to know, which are to
be entered when you complete the following order form:
a. the email address to test (ie.,
b. the email address to send a blind copy (if desired)
c. the desired subject line - so you will recognize it
d. the message you wish to send and compare on receipt.

Within the billing form (which occurs when you click on
one of the 'Add to Cart' boxes below), please include a
different email address than the one(s) entered on this
page. Your own subject line and message will be sent to
both simultaneously to assure you that the transmission
from us has been performed and is ready to be verified.

The email test will be sent within two (2) working days
after receipt of the order. Our order form will be your
record of the desired transmission for your comparison.

 Email test #1    Price = $ 7 per email test   Quantity   Email address      Blind copy to      Email subject      Email message    

 Email test #2    Price = $ 7 per email test   Quantity   Email address      Blind copy to      Email subject      Email message    

We will not send false orders or what appears to us as either lewd, harmful, offensive or malicious in nature.

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